Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Wedding Cake Chronicle - Part 3

It's Tuesday and I'm already behind...

Home from work at 5:30pm.  Relax for 5 minutes.  Dinner.  Begin baking at 7:15pm.  First up...a 14" square strawberry cake.  This is actually the first time I am using my square pans and a heating core.

The heating core helps the cake bake more evenly and eliminate the dome in the center.  The core is placed in the center of the pan, the batter is poured around it and the core is filled halfway with batter.  After baking you have a cake "plug" to fill the hole where the core was. 

With square corners I always worry about the corners getting dry and/or burnt while the center is still cooking.  Just think about those rock hard brownies from the corner of the pan :)  I must say the heating core worked very well and I am a fan!

I also bake a 12" square vanilla cake.  My oven is only large enough to bake these sizes individually, so it takes about 3 hours to prepare the pans, prepare the batters and bake tonight.

While these two cakes were baking I decided to start on a dummy cake.  I make a batch of icing and begin icing the styrofoam dummies and practicing with the decorating comb.  Being the perfectionist that I am I quickly realize that this will be a practice cake :(  After a few more attempts I decide to clean off the styrofoam and start again tomorrow.  It's 9:30pm and I'm done for tonight.

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