Friday, August 6, 2010

Jaymi's Graduation Cake

Another graduation cake for a co-worker's daughter. 
Bright pink and purple. 

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This is a 10" round, a 6" round and a mini wondermold cake with buttercream frosting.  Only the mortarboard and tassel are gumpaste.  So maybe buttercream isn't the right term, icing it a better term because this recipe has no butter.  I had to find a recipe that could handle the crazy heat and humidity we have been having and this is recipe has worked out great!

Roses are still my nemesis.  I wanted to make the roses colored with white edges on the tips but my icing was too soft and the petals fell flat and spread.  So I added sugar to stiffen the frosting but the roses were much harder to pipe.  I had to practice so much that I gave up on the white edges.  I finally got enough roses that I was happy with and called it done. 

Congratulations Jaymi!

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