Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Golfer, a Swimmer and an American Doll

I had a request for 3 birthday cakes within 2 months for children of the same family.  We decided on 10" x 10" 3-layer cakes.  They requested one dimensional decor on the cakes so here's what I did...

2011041 Golf
Vanilla buttercream to create the field and sky. The golfer was cut out of black fondant. Small fondant golf balls at the bottom corners of the cake.

20110527 Swimming
Vanilla buttercream to create the "water".  Swimmer is cut from black fondant.

20110603 American Girl
This last one was the one I was most nervous about.  This is the American Doll Lanie in her nature outfit.  The face is what made me nervous.  Cartoon caracters, sure...but real people faces, terrifying!  It took a few tries but I think it turned out pretty good.  BTW - Kake was the birthday girl's nickname for Caroline.

By the time my co-worker picked up the last cake I said "you must be pretty sick of cake by now", he said "Never!"  Now that's what i  like to hear :)