Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wedding Cake Chronicle - Part 2

OK, it's Monday night and according to plan the following should be done already....

cake platters - check
make bows - excuses...just haven't been in the mood to work with gumpaste
and tonight I should be working on dummy cakes

So I guess I will work on my bows because they need time to dry.  I ordered a 2lb bucket of purple fondant ahead of time because coloring large amounts of fondant can be lots of work.  To start I added 1lb of white gumpaste to 1lb of purple fondant.  The resulting color was actually very close to the swatch I received from the bride.  Fondant colors usually fade slightly as they dry so I figured it would be just right after it dried.

I used the foam dummies to estimate the size of bow I wanted and cut some templates from paper.  The fondant was rolled using my pasta roller attachment on my Kitchen Aid.  It worked beautifully!  Each side of the bow was stuffed with paper towels to keep the shape and allowed to dry.  As usual I made one extra because you never know!

It's hot, it's late, I'm tired and I choose not to work on the dummy cakes.  A mistake?  We'll see....

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