Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Wedding Cake Chronicle - Part 1

If you know me you know I like lists.  I have made lists of cake supplies, groceries and a game plan.  And here it all is!

Homemade cake platters (thank you Doug!)
Silver foil to cover the cake platters
4 styrofoam cake dummies
plastic cake separator plates
cake boards
cake pans
baking strips
heating core
cake release
cooling racks
saran wrap
18 cake mixes
54 eggs
6 cups vegetable oil
raspberry jam (seedless)
14 cups shortening
4 boxes of Dream Whip
30 tsp vanilla
20 lbs of powdered sugar
pasta roller
gumpaste tools
measuring cups
measuring spoons
piping bags
foam roller
boxes for transport
saran wrap
and most importantly...

This cake design is a total of 3 tiered cakes.  A center cake:  14", 12", 10" and 8" squares of strawberry cake with vanilla filling and vanilla cake with raspberry jam filling.  Because the bride wanted the look of three cakes but only needed about 200 servings, the two side cakes are actually dummy cakes, styrofoam covered with icing and decorated.  Each cake will have a fondant lilac bow.

Knowing that I have to start baking when I get home from work a game plan is essential.  I don't want to spend time thinking about what I am going to do, I just want to do it.  Here is what my game plan looks like

Weekend before:
   Make cake platters
   Make bows

   Dummy cakes

   Bake 14" x 2" strawberry
   Bake 12" x 2" vanilla
   Bake 8" x 2" strawberry

   Bake 14" x 2" strawberry
   Bake 12" x 2" vanilla
   Bake 8" x 2" strawberry

   Bake 10" x 2" vanilla
   Torte/ice 14" tier with buttercream
   Bake 10" x 2" vanilla
   Torte/ice 12" tier with raspberry

   Torte/ice 10" tier with raspberry
   Torte/ice 8" tier with buttercream
   Add fondant ribbon
   Add bows?

   Delivery at 1pm

Chances of staying schedule?  because I am writing this a few days after I know the answer but even so I would have guessed - slim

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