Sunday, June 20, 2010

Donations for Community Days

Our local Community Days was held last weekend. A friend of mine asked if I would donate a cake for the cake wheel. Sure, why not? A chance to try a design that I have been waiting for an excuse to make.

I decided I was going to try to make a cookie monster cake. I have seen designs where cookie monster is made from a teddy bear mold and he sits on top of a cake with chocolate chip cookies surrounding him. It’s really very cute. But I need a back up plan in case this doesn’t work, so I decide to make some small flowers.

Poor planning on my part because Community Days is the same weekend as a wedding cake is due. Luckily the smaller cake can be done for Friday and the wedding is Sunday. No rest for the weary! And I’m not sure why but I decide to make two cakes….the flower cake AND the cookie monster cake.

I am sorry to say that cookie monster was not looking like cookie monster, so I had to abandon that idea. Although I will try that design again when I have some free time. And now I have an extra cake, what to do?

Here are the two designs I came up with….

20100611 P6110082
A 4-layer 6" round chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

20100611 P6110085
A 2-layer 8" round yellow cake with chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

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