Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nascar Cake Countdown 2 days to go

Quiet night as far as my cake goes, cut out a few more numbers and letters (I'll save you the boring pictures), but that's as much as I can do until I have the final dimensions of the cake in front of me.

Tomorrow, I bake. This allows the cakes to cool completely before I decorate. Ever tried cutting layers in a warm cake? Not to mention, the buttercream won't be too happy either. I store my cakes in the refrigerator overnight, I think that helps keep them moist. Another key is to be sure to wrap the cake as airtight as possible soon after it cools, saran wrap or large Ziploc bags work best, otherwise the cake will dry out.

I'll leave you with a fun cake blog.
Hopefully one of my cakes never ends up on this blog!

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