Sunday, November 8, 2009

My first cookie exchange!

I’ve decided to organize a cookie exchange this year!

I've never been to one but I’ve seen some great ideas especially on and the photos look like a lot of fun, so why not?! I sent out an email to some good friends to see if they were even interested, the responses came back so positive that I can’t wait! We’ve picked the date of Monday December 7. It should be easier for everyone to bake their cookies over the weekend. I’ll keep you posted with all of my ideas along the way.

I have already sent out a "Save the Date" email to everyone. Working on the complete invite. There are lots of different types of exchanges. I've decided to have everyone bring 7 dozen cookies and the goal will be to have 12 people attend. We'll taste one dozen of the cookies and everyone will be able to take home 1/2 dozen each of 12 different types of cookies! If we don't have 12 people attend, each person will just get more of fewer types of cookies.

Now, which rules should I include? Some rules I DO know I want to do is no duplicate recipes, and no basic chocolate chip cookies. One rule I've seen is no bar cookies, but I seen nothing wrong with that. I think that rule would be for all serious bakers attending. But as far as I'm concerned, this is for fun and shouldn't be stressful for people to attend. I even have a complete non-baker who has agreed to take on the task! (I'll have to keep an eye out for an easy recipe to share with her.)

Planning to have a few prizes. One for the best cookie and one for the most festive holiday outfit. I'll have to think of something creative for these.

Next will be to decide on a menu for snacks to have while we socialize and taste the delicious cookies! And decide what I am going to bake myself!

Oh my, I almost forgot I'll have to have all my holiday decorations up too!

Looks like I'll be busy for the next few weeks but this should be fun!

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