Friday, November 20, 2009

Legal Cake

Earlier this week I was asked to make a cake for our communications meeting at work. Not much direction so I had to think of a design myself. I opted NOT to try to make the Scales of Justice. A few law books, a gavel, a patent and a cake for the legal department is born! The patent is made from gumpaste and supported by a wooden dowel. The text on the patent was was done with an edible marker. The books and gavel are made from crispy rice treats and covered with fondant. I did learn that I should have used at least 50% gumpaste for the books so they would harden more. The fondant stayed fairly soft, but was OK. The cake is made of layers of chocolate and yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling. The design was a hit!

I tried using melted chocolate (Baker's unsweetend) instead of cocoa powder in the chocolate buttercream. I think it tastes much better with the melted chocolate, that will be my MO from now on! Plus I won't have cocoa powder flying all over my kitchen everytime I make chocolate buttercream.

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