Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Attempt at Spinach Phyllo Triangles

Now I know you're probably saying "Those don't look like triangles".....and you would be correct! 

I did start to make triangles, and I actually made three.  I started with 6 layers of phyllo dough, cut it into strips and put a small amount of filling at one end.  I tried to fold the phyllo into triangles (like folding an American flag) but first I had to remove some filling, and I still couldn't get it to fold properly.  Sorry, I should have taken pictures to demonstrate my failed attempts.  I decided to bake the three that I made because the corners weren't sealing and I was afraid the filling would just run out.  They baked up fine.  The filling set OK and the phyllo dough was light and flaky. 

The problem?  The ratio of filling to phyllo, not enough filling.  I could have tried less layers of phyllo but I decided this would take some playing around with, so I ran to the store and purchased the already made phyllo cups to add my filling to.  That's how I ended up with what you see here.

I'll have to work on perfecting the triangles and I'll be sure to let you know what works best! 


  1. You should only try 2 layers of phyllo, as you fold the triangles that is where the phyllo layers come from. This will allow you to add more filling to your triangles. Here we use "feuilles de brick" which is almost the same thickness as 1 or 2 layers of phyllo. Or you can try rolling them cigar style which would work as well but are a little more simple than the triangles to let you get used to working with the dough and fillings.....I hope that this helps you. Bonne Chance et Bon appetit!

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try that!