Sunday, February 10, 2013

iPod Touch

This is the third cake I’ve made for William.  He requested an iPod playing his favorite song.  He even drew a picture for me so I would know what it should look like.  The design is all fondant cut outs.  iPod Touch Cake

Funny story…William is a very sharp little boy.  And I know his cakes have to be right on the money or he will notice.  I was all done with this cake, everything was all cleaned up and put away.  I had even gone to bed.  I woke up and sat up straight in bed as a thought came to mind.  I proceeded to get up and head to the kitchen. 

Doug:  “what are you doing?” 

Me:  “I forgot the buttons!”

I then proceeded to add the buttons on the sides of the iPod  :)

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