Thursday, December 30, 2010

Julie's Baby Shower Cake

I offered to make a cake for a coworker’s baby shower. There are so many cute baby shower cake ideas out there I struggled with what design to do. Not to mention I had another cake due the day before and we were leaving for a short vacation the day this cake was due. So the design had to be fairly simple. This design is from Wilton, I just changed the colors.

Gumpaste circles were cut out for the wheels a few days ahead so they could dry. I had to special order the crystal plate separators used for legs. The cake consisted of a 12” square cake, an oval cake and ½ of a 3D egg cake. Once the cakes were stacked, I was surprised at how quickly this came together.

The most difficult part was piping the ruffle around the hood of the stroller, just a weird angle to work with. I used a 127 tip for the ruffle around the hood and a 127D tip for the ruffle around the sides. The original design called for only 3 rows of ruffles around the sides but I must have put mine too close together because I needed to add a smaller white ruffle on top.

I added some small flowers on the base cake, and the wheels were decorated and adhered to the legs with buttercream. The stroller was placed on top and it was done.

This cake could not be transported like this, so I just had to remove the stroller and place it in a separate box. I was a little upset that the stroller slid in the box and if you look closely you can see that the ruffles hit the side of the box. Just minor damage though. It happens.

Once I arrived at work I put the stroller back on the legs. The cake was a hit!

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Congratulations Julie!

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  1. To keep your cakes from sliding in the box, get some rubberized shelf liner, cut a piece slightly smaller than your cake, place in box, place cake on top and deliver. No booms!