Sunday, July 11, 2010

Color flow

Color flow icing can be used to make detailed icing decorations for cakes.  It is sugar, water and a little color flow mix.  The design is piped onto a sheet of wax or parchment paper and allowed to dry.  The result is a puffy looking flat candy plaque.  It is edible but is very hard and sweet.

You can start with any simple design, coloring book photos work well.  I outlined this picture, taped it to a baking tray and then covered with parchment paper.  I made the color flow icing.  The outside of the design is traced with a stiff version of the icing to create a dam to hold in the icing from the next step.  Then water is added to the icing to make it more easily "flow" and fill in the outline.  Here I have filled in the eyes and nose and outlined the body.

Then I filled in the body.

These have to dry for a few days before they are hard enough to handle.  Once dried I added two lollipop sticks to the back with melted chocolate so I could insert into the cake.

Stay tuned for the finished cake....

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