Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Busy Month Ahead!

February is going to be busy!  Here's what's coming up...

Week 1
A Lego cake - This one has been giving me the most grief.  Ultimately the customer wanted a VW beetle.  I can't seem to find anyone who has done anything remotely close to an entire lego structure replicated in cake.  Although I think this would be an awesome cake, we decided to go with a stack of different sized Legos.  These will be covered in different colored fondant.

Super Bowl - Although we aren't having a big super bowl party we are having a couple friends over, so I must put together a spread for the game.

Week 2
Magic cake.  Main design is a black top hat with a bunny head poking out the top, and some accessories, like hankerchiefs, cards, stars, etc.  This one will be time consuming but I'm looking forward to the finished cake!  That reminds me...I need to get that bucket of black fondant on order.

Plus I bought some cool candy molds that I want to try for Valentine's Day!  They are for store bought cookies (think those chocolate cookies with the white filling) covered with chocolate, and heart designs on top.

Week 3
Planning a Girl's Night In for mid-February.  Theme will be Chinese New Year.  I have the decorations and gifts but I still need to decide on a menu!

Wedding consultation for my June wedding cake order.  The bride and grooom are from out of town so we are meeting to decide on a design.  I have to put together a portfolio and some ideas for them.  I'll also make a small cake for them to taste.

Week 4
Another Mater cake!  Trying desperately to remember how I made the last one. 

Whew!  But as usual I've already started my lists.  Grocery lists.  Shopping lists.  Menus.  What do I need to do ahead of time?  What can I do early?

Stay tuned for all the results!

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